Apple iPhone 13 Clear Screen Protector – Black Border


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Protect your iPhone with a tempered glass screen protector. The glass is covered in an oleophobic coating that allows your phone screen to feel silky smooth and remain fingerprint-free.


Which should you choose; A bordered or borderless screen protector?

The difference between the two is mostly of personal preference, however, there are a few key takeaways:

The black border hides the light refractions that are produced by the images of your phones display. If you are currently using a clear/borderless screen protector, you may notice a slight glow around the edge of the glass when looking at your phone from an angle. The black silk print hides this glow, yet it does not interfere with the viewing experience of your phones display. This is why we recommend you to choose a bordered screen protector over a borderless screen protector.

The black bordered screen protector covers a higher percentage of your screen. If you are using a very bulky case, one that overlaps quite a ways over the screen of your phone, you will have a better experience by opting for the slightly smaller, borderless screen protector. A regular case, one which is available at most stores, should not interfere with the slightly larger, black bordered screen protector.

The borderless screen protector also features a cutout for the notch, while the black bordered glass only has a slight divot for the earpiece.



  • Full-coverage
  • Full-glue
  • Glass contains an oleophobic coating
  • Case friendly – most cases will leave only a slight gap between glass and case
  • Rounded edge (2.5D)
  • Complete touch sensitivity


What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Clear tempered glass screen protector with a black border

iPhone 13 Glass Black dimensions Namibia

  • 1 x Alcohol wipes (wet + dry wipe)
  • 1 x Dust removal sticker
  • 1 x Microfiber cloth

Screen protector cleaning accessories microfiber cloth dust removal sticker wet and dry wipes Namibia

  • 1 x Product packaging



Click here for written instructions on how to install the screen protector onto your iPhone.

Applying a Screen Protector to an iPhone


All printing and packing has been fulfilled in Namibia 🇳🇦.

The tempered glass screen protector has been methodically sourced from China.



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