Apple iPhone XR Paper Screen Protector Fitment Template


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Hesitant about how a screen protector will fit? Unsure of the exact screen real estate that is covered? Then this might just be what you are looking for!

A paper screen protector is a cost effective way of ensuring that your screen protector will fit properly. For instance, if you use a bulky case, or just want to make sure that the screen protector covers your entire screen, you can purchase this true-to-life paper template for your piece of mind. Simply lay the paper template onto your screen and see if it matches your expectations! If it does, you can scan the QR code on the paper and you will be redirected to the product page of the glass equivalent! It’s that simple.

Once you purchase this template, you will receive a design template for all models of the iPhone XR. Namely:

Apple iPhone XR Tempered Glass Screen Protector black Namibia Apple iPhone XR Clear Screen Protector – Black Border



Apple iPhone XR Tempered Glass Screen Protector clear Namibia

Apple iPhone XR Clear Screen Protector – No Border




Which should you choose; A digital or a physical product?

You have the choice between either a digital download or a physical template set.

The physical version will be sent to your doorstep. The paper has been cut out by us and we will guarantee that that the paper you receive is in the exact same shape as the glass screen protector available from its QR code.

The digital version will be emailed to you after you make the purchase. You will be required to print and cut it out. The downloadable file will be in a .svg format. Along with the designs of the screen protectors, an accurate ruler is present on the design. It is there to ensure that you are printing the designs in the correct size.



  • True-to-life copy
  • If the actual screen protector has a black border, the paper will also be printed with a black border
  • Paper screen protector has a QR code that links directly to the glass screen protector
  • Physical product:
    • Printed on translucent paper
    • 100% accurate
  • Digital Product:
    • Fast access to the product
    • No need to pay a shipping fee
    • True-to-size ruler for accurate printing


What’s in the Box?

Physical product:

  • 2 x Paper screen protector fitment templates
  • 1 x Product packaging

Digital product:

  • 1 x Downloadable screen protector fitment template

XR Glass Black dimensions Namibia iPhone XR Glass Clear dimensions Namibia


Instructions for the digital download:

  1. Purchase the design.
  2. After we have received the payment, you will receive an email with a link to the downloadable file. Download that file.
  3. Install a vector graphics program. You will need a program that can open .svg files. We recommend Inkscape. You can download it from here. It is completely free.
  4. Open the downloaded file in Inkscape.
  5. Click on “File”, then “Print”, and again “Print”.
  6. After the design has been printed out, lay a ruler on the design. Ensure that the printed ruler matches the real ruler. If they don’t, you will have to change your printer settings in Inkscape under “File”-> “Print” -> “Preferences”. Changing the “Printer paper size” to “A4” should fix any issues.
  7. Cut the designs out.


Product of Namibia 🇳🇦.


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Physical, Digital


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